Fashion is very important in showcasing good personality and a sense of self-respect. This is many people have opted to wear Best Fitted Dress Shirts which are perfectly and uniquely designed to ensure that they fit the intended person well. They are not baggy or too tight; they are appropriately designed and made to ensure that they not only make you shine but also offer that unique comfort to make you wear your shirt with confidence and pride. Shirts are designed in regard to the kind of collar they have, in other words, the style of shirt you buy would be determined by the kind of collar it has.

Types of Shirts and Collars

Semi Spread Collar Shirts

These are among the best fitted dress shirts that are characterized by having large collar base. They look good when worn with a jacket because the collar becomes perfectly covered and surrounded. These shirts are good for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties or any kind of celebrations. There are also spread shirts which have a broader upper side. They look like a cut away from the centre of the shirt thereby making them appear so special and unique always.

Point Collar

These are stylish official shirts that display a special type of a class to those who wear them. Each shirt has a collar of 60 degrees or less. The general effect yielded by these shirts is that the wearer would have an elongated face appearance. Best fitted dress shirts are always great when perfectly worn. Some special customizations on the style could be made to fit you because these shirts are meant to accurately fit you. Every shirt is designed to fit the user so that proper and presentable appearance is achieved.

Bottom down Collar

These shirts are an excellent choice when it comes to formal occasions. They are excellent when worn with a tie because their style is made to look great when fixed on the neck. The angle of the collar and the size of the collar on the neck are made in regard to the owner’s size so that the shirt properly fits. If you need any customizations like colors, strips or any kind of additional fashion components, you need to specify that to the tailor so that perfect designing is made. A shirt that fits you well is a shirt that is good for you, and that is why only people who wear best fitted dress shirts are always presentable.

Besides having the best fitting shirts, it is good to ensure that you have the best material that is of high-quality to ensure that your shirt last longer.

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