When you are a septic tank owner, you need to be very careful around your system, especially if the tank is open. Regular Septic Tank Cleaning Near Me is important, but you need to be cautious when you hire a company to complete the Septic Tank Pumping Near Me. Here are some safety tips for being near a septic tank.

1. You Should Never Drive Over the Septic System

Driving heavy machinery over the system can compress the ground and place stress on the system. This pressure can cause cracks and breaks in the pipes, which can be very expensive to repair or replace.

2. Make Sure to Use a Sturdy Lid and Mark Where Your Tank is

When installing a septic tank, you will have a lid come with the tank. However, the lid may not be sturdy enough to stop animals and children from breaking into the tank. You should invest in a lid that is sturdy and not easy to remove.

If you are not sure where your septic tank is located, then you should hire a company that does septic tank pumping near me. They will help you locate each part of the system and will provide drawing to help you find the tank in the future. You should also mark the location of the septic on your yard in some way.

3. You Should Never Lean Over an Open Tank

You should always avoid being near the septic tank when it is open. The gasses that are produced in the tanks can knock you out. This can lead to you falling in, which could be fatal.

4. Avoid having Flames near Your Septic System

The most common gas that is produced in a septic tank is methane gas. Methane gas is highly flammable and will explode when near flames. This can blow up the whole system, which includes parts of your home. You should keep all flames including lit cigarettes away from the septic tank and outlet valves.

5. Never Enter the Tank

While it could be tempting to enter the tank, especially if someone has fallen in, you should never enter the tank. There is specific equipment that you need to be wearing to enter the tank safely. If someone falls into the tank, you should call your local emergency services, then place fans around the septic tank. The fans will blow air into the tank and can help remove some of the gasses from the tank. If you need to go near the tank, try not to breathe in because you could also be knocked out by the gasses.

When you are thinking about having septic tank cleaning near me completed, you need to be careful around the tank. Many times, people are not careful around their septic tank, which can lead to damage to the tank.

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