house from our pets. The amount that a pet sheds will depend on the animal and the breed. Nearly all pets shed, and it is impossible to stop the shedding completely. However, there are ways that our Pet Spa Katy TX helps minimize the amount of hair pets will shed. Here are some of our tips to help you.

1. Brushing

Brushing your pet regularly is important when you are trying to avoid a huge amount of shedding. Regular brushing removes the loose hair and can help keep the skin clean. Your pet’s coat will become softer and cleaner the more regularly that you brush it. Just think about what happens when you do not brush your hair, it gets matted. This also happens with fur.

2. Use the Right Brush

In a pet spa Katy TX, you may have seen all the various kinds of brushes that are on hand. Pet stores also offer a huge amount of brushes. This is because some dogs and cats need more than one brush to remove all their loose hair. Most of the time, softer brushes are best used on the head and pet’s that has short hair. A denser brush is most times used on the body and for thicker coats. If you are not sure what brushes you may need, you should speak with the staff at the pet spa Katy TX to find out what they recommend.

3. Feed Your Pet the Appropriate Food

Your pet’s coat is a reflection about what they have been eating, and how healthy their diet is. You should be feeding your pet high-quality foods, which have the right amount of nutrients for them. Many times, feeding your pet low-quality foods can lead to excess shedding and dull coats.

4. Check for Allergies and Fleas

Many times, when an animal has skin allergies, they will have excess shedding and even bald spots. The same is true with fleas. If you are not sure that your pet has allergies, you should speak with your vet for testing. The testing will see if your pet is allergic to common allergens. Once you know what the allergen is, you should try to avoid it. If you cannot avoid the allergen, try to wash your pet soon after they have been in contact with that allergen.  

Regular visits to a pet spa Katy TX can help limit the amount of shedding that you will have to deal with. All animals shed in some way, even humans shed because we lose hairs and skin cells. Taking care of our pets’ hair is one of the best ways to controlling shedding and has a healthier pet.

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