A man should stand out from the crowd by not only the way he carries himself but also by what he wears. One great way a man can do this is by wearing Best Online Custom Dress Shirts that are made of high-quality fabric. Festari for Men stocks these shirts that are made from scratch by Rudy Festari, an Italian designer

How to Get the Best Fit for your Shirt

Despite the shirts being of high quality and well designed, you need to get the best fit. A fit that you will be comfortable in and you will not keep adjusting your shirt. There are things that you can look out for to get the best size for your shirt.

The Best Online Custom Dress Shirts Fit Close to the Body

One thing to look out for in the best online custom dress shirts is how they fit the body. They come in different sizes, and the best one should not be hanging loosely. These shirts are designed in a way they fit close to the body; there is no gapping between the buttons and no puffing around the waist. 

The Arm of the Shirts should Fit Perfectly

Another element of an ideal fit is the length of the arms for the shirt. The shirts should not have an arm length that is too short or too long, but the arms should fit perfectly. On the other hand, the cuffs should be between the bone knobs of the hands and the wrist.

The Shirt should Collar neither Leave a Gap nor Overlap

When it comes to the collar, there are many elements that define an ideal fit of the best online custom dress shirts. One thing is that between the buttoned collar and the throat, there should not be a gap and the small space left should be for one finger only. The length of the collar should be as it is, it should not overlap.

Long Enough for Tucking in

An ideal fit in a shirt should be one that is long enough for tucking in but not too short that when you bend, it comes above the belt. It should also not bulk under the pants when tucked in. four to six inches is highly recommended.

As a man who loves elegance, getting one of the best online custom dress shirts is a great treat to you. The shirts are designed in a unique way; the fabric is of high quality, attention to details has been paid in sewing and stitching. Knowing how to look for the ideal fit assures you that you will get the right custom-made shirts that will fit perfectly.

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