Windows allows us to look the beauty of the outside environment.  But if we can no longer discern the window and the wall, it is time for you to hire the service of the Window Cleaning Houston Company.  Let’s be real, most homeowners do not like to clean their windows.  For those who have a 2-story house, washing their window can be a dangerous task which is why it is a great idea to seek the help of the experts.  Most of the expert window cleaners are charging for each pane.  However, there are various factors that may affect the final Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Houston Service Charging By the Pane

Generally, the window cleaning prices are determined through the number of glass panes that needs to be cleaned.    Those who have customary double-hung windows will be charged with two panes.  The average cost of the window cleaning Houston service will be approximately $2-$7 per glass pane.  In case you think that charging per glass pane will cost you a lot, there are companies who are offering their service per hour.  The average cost of this alternative method will cost $266 for cleaning the whole windows.  This cost will include the cleaning of the door and the screens.

For those who are looking for the best result, it is very important to hire the service of the window cleaning Houston Company at least two times each year.  However, there are also different factors that may affect the times that your windows need to be cleaned.  In case your window is facing the ocean, or if your area is exposed to severe weather disturbances, then you will need a more frequent window cleaning service.

Factors That May Affect the Window Cleaning Prices

One may think that the window cleaning task is a simple and easy process, but there are other factors that may affect the total cost such as:

  • Outside, Inside or Both- Having both exterior and interior cleaned will provide you with the best value of your money.  You may think that you are saving more money by choosing interior or exterior only, but you will end up paying higher if you decided to acquire the service separately.


  • Convenient Access- Windows located at an inconvenient spot may require special equipment and tools to be cleaned.  Generally, your window cleaning prices will be much higher if they will need additional equipment.


  • The Amount of Windows- Basically, the window cleaning Houston Company will charge you higher if you have more windows.


  • The Level of Dirt- Window that is dirtier will require longer time to clean.  Additionally, they will also need specialized cleaning solution, tools, and equipments.

The window Cleaning Houston Company may also charge you with additional fee for screen cleaning, tracks and windowsills, stain and paint removal and others.  Contact the local hotline of Window Cleaning Company Houston to get an idea about their average price.

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