DWI is driving under the influence of intoxicants, which is illegal in Houston. If a police officer pulls you over as a result of driving while intoxicated, you should find a Houston DWI Attorney immediately. Ideally, when you are charged with DWI, you may end up paying hefty fines and your best way out of this is by finding an experienced Houston DWI Lawyer.

Generally, DWI cases can be quite costly in terms of the fines, jail time, losing driving privileges, and spending a whole lot of time in the whole process. Fortunately, with a qualified Houston DWI attorney, the penalties and the charges are minimized or even dismissed.

Benefit of a Professional Lawyer

There are so many advantages attributed to being represented by a qualified lawyer. These are people who understand and know how to navigate the system. You should contact the lawyer as soon as you have been arrested and they will take up from there. The Houston DWI lawyer will walk with you from the moment you are arrested up to the point when the case comes to the end. All this time, the lawyer would be working tirelessly to ensure that you have the best possible outcome of the case.

Common DWI Penalties

There are number penalties that an offender can expect to face in Houston. Some of the most common fines include:


  • Huge sums of money, which are meant to cover the court costs, fines and the fees that you will pay to the Houston DWI attorney.
  • Loss of driving privileges through the revocation or suspension of your drivers’ license.
  • You may face jail time or community service. There are instances when it will be a combination of both.
  • You may have the insurance rates increased for a couple of years.

There are instances when you may be slapped with a combination of these penalties, and this can be quite daunting. This is the reason why you should consider hiring a professional Houston DWI attorney right away.

How to Hire a Houston DWI Lawyer

It is important to note that not all lawyers can handle DWI cases. You would need to find one who specializes in DWI matters so as to get a good outcome. A good DWI lawyer is one who has handled a number of similar cases and understands how the whole process works. If this is the first time that you are being convicted of DWI, you should ask for references from people who have worked with Houston DWI attorneys in the past.

Monks Law Firm has great experience in DWI cases and has recorder a high success rate. If you are Houston area and need the services of qualified DWI, then you Monks Law Firm are your perfect choice.

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